Wedding car decoration

It is an accepted custom in the United States that the best man should sneak his way out of the wedding ceremony, and go on to decorate the car of the newlyweds. The bride and the groom sometimes also take part in this somewhat strange routine. Back in the old days, people used to tie a pair of old shoes to the car’s bumper in order to scare off evil ghosts and keep the union of the two safe. Another thing, also popular in the day, were tin cans that brought attention to the happy couple with their distinctive noise. Nowadays, rental agencies are discouraging any type of modification to the car, due to their restrictive policy. But if you don’t mind dealing with the insurance issues and just want to go out with the bang, there are some things you could throw on the limo’s back to make it look like a poodle with a Dennis Rodman-like haircut. If that is your kind of thing.


This is a pretty cheap and dead simple way of decorating your wedding limousine. Many also tend to use toilet paper which costs even less but lacks in the color department. But if you want to do something like a mummy wrap, it could turn out to be a very effective way of decoration. Another pretty colorful variant is crepe paper. Streamers come in all shapes and sizes – some of them will shine in the sun, some will perform better in the wet.  You can tie them to door handles, the radio antenna, rearview mirrors, etc. It is all up to you.

Glass Markers

This is a fantastic way of leaving special messages on the car’s hood or windows. Don’t be tempted to use shoe polish, shaving cream or soap, it could make a mess out of a windscreen shield. Make sure your messages are big and clear, so they can be visible from a large distance. It is best to use white color for that purpose. Stencils are also a great option. When it comes to the content of your messages, short and simple is usually the best way.